Ingeniería Jurídica y Económica (IJE) is a consulting firm comprised of experts in various legal and economic fields. Our firm specializes in designing legal alternatives and strategies as well as public policies with significant impact.

We use an engineering-based approach and a law- and economics-driven vision to develop and provide solid, precise and systemized solutions that foster increased regulatory efficiency and effectiveness, strengthen public institutions, reinforce the rule of law and improve the internal business environment so as to achieve further economic development.

Our experience has proven that only those solutions that encompass both a legal and an economic perspective can provide positive and real results in:

- Strengthening public institutions;
- Improving the legal framework;
- Designing effective public policies, and
- Resolving disputes.

The true aggregate value of our services lies in our preventive and proactive regard for law, our emphasis in providing comprehensive and innovative solutions and our personalized and excellence-driven attention to clients.

Our clients include private corporations, public-sector entities and non-governmental organizations that seek not only superior service but also advice from true experts on whom they can rely to attain quality results without diverting their attention from their core activities.

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